Welcome to The House of Morgel

Thanks for stumbling upon my blog! (Or actually finding it purposely)

I’m Rachel – I am an animal lover, book hoarder, wanna-be photographer, bug saver, and now home-owner and blogger! My boyfriend and I just bought our dream home, and I created this blog to document all our projects, findings, and whatever else comes with renovating a home.

We really don’t know what we are doing.

If you fancy what we are up to, click ‘adventures’ up top to see our blog posts and make sure you start from the very first post to get full exposure to the House of Morgel.

My goal is to make you laugh while I write out my thoughts about my projects as I go!

Have fun!

Rachel + Morgan



  1. Go get em you two….. super happy for both of you the house looks great, no much of an interior designer but I’ll let you know if something looks like shit 🙂 Haha . Have Fun

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  2. Hello, I was fielding poles on your street today, and saw the sign, “House of Morgel.” I thought for sure a wizard lived there! While I’m sorta disappointed that there isn’t one (or is there?!), I’m happy this blog is up and running to answer my questions. Congrats on the house! It’s an excellent neighborhood.


    1. Haha! Thanks Paul! We are so glad you saw our sign – sorry that we aren’t wizards (or are we?!) 🙂 We have been slacking on the blog posts, but once we start posting more we hope you follow along!


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