Yay to 30 years of mortgage payments!

We did it!

PSA: I don’t know how to use WordPress yet, so bear with me.

We wanted a house with land, where you can’t see your neighbors, and with a pond.  I would like to tell you that we went through leaps and bounds and bidding wars with other people and this is like, the 50th house we looked at. But we got pretty lucky.

This was the second house we looked at! It was on the market for 67 days the first day we looked at it, and from the moment I drove up the quarter-mile driveway (I don’t even want to think what the snow situation is going to be like) I knew this was the house for me. The house is located on about 3.7 acres, about 40% wooded, 40% grassy, 10% house, 5% driveway, 3% pond, and 2% stream. (100% Awesome.)

What I first noticed driving up the driveway were all the birdhouses!

(spends 48 seconds looking for how to add a picture)

(I did it!!) I know the longer picture is hard to see, but use your imagination that there are birdhouses on almost every tree. Or just click on the picture to make it larger.

Also here is the driveway that convinced me to move into the house.


Cool huh? We are so out in the middle of nowhere, that a black bear crossed the driveway and promptly took a dump in what will be my front yard. (Jk it was the neighbor’s dog, and I like dogs, so I wasn’t mad).

We also aren’t out in the middle of nowhere, believe it or not (although I wish we were). We are smack dab in the middle of suburbia. If you were to look at a satellite image of the house and zoom out, you could see that. But you will have to trust me, as I don’t want the exact location of this house on the blog, just in case I become blog famous – don’t want the paparazzi outside, ya know? Anywho, Target is only 10 minutes away! But, this property makes you feel like you are away from civilization – so we get the best of both worlds!

Here is the house view that, along with the driveway view, also convinced me to buy the house.


The house is so unique from the color and style to the location and lot. The character of the inside is insane! 3300sq ft of awesomeness (can’t wait to show you guys). We could probably just leave it how it is and be just fine (relive the 80s with the parquet flooring, popcorn ceilings, and textured walls), but there is so much potential and we want to ‘make it our own’. And this was an excuse for me to create a blog.

Anyway, after going back and forth with the sellers a couple times on price – they accepted! I was in the middle of my German lesson with Sam (she’s awesome and if you ever feel inclined to learn German check her out her IG page here ) and my friend Bill when I got the call from my relator Connor. He is also pretty awesome, and if you are in the Buffalo area – reach out to him if you are selling or buying. We all celebrated together for 3 seconds and then got right back to the lesson (which just so happened to be house related). Unfortunately, my mind was preoccupied with the house so I was zoning out the second half of the lesson and I am pretty sure I didn’t learn much that last 30 minutes. Es tut mir leid, Sam.

We had the inspection a couple days ago – and will write another blog post on that. But for now, I just wanted to introduce you to my house! I can’t wait to show you guys all my Pinterest fails, along with successes of making this place our own!

I don’t know how to delete this box that apparently a quote goes in. So… I guess I will

oh man another box appears when you press enter.  Well here is the quote for the quote box…    _quickly google searches for ‘new house quotes’_  …  “Home, the spot of Earth supremely blest, a dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest” — Robert Montgomery


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