What actually is ‘Morgel’?

Oh hey, guys!

Before we become virtual buddies via this blog, I should probably introduce ‘Morgel’, cause ‘HouseOfMorgel’ won’t make sense otherwise.

It all started on a cold, rainy night when my friends Britt and Josh (a fantastic couple and great friends. hey guys!) and myself were talking about normal things like pogo sticks and pinatas. During our discussion, the subject of ‘combined names’ came up.. (i.e. Brangelina for celebs Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) and after many laughs, we came up with the name “Brosh” for Britt and Josh.  Jitt unfortunately, didn’t make the cut.

Well, at that point I was determined to find a guy (I was single at the time) with a sweet name so I can also have a cool combined name. Isn’t that how everyone finds their soulmate?

After going through Bumble and not finding any appropriately named men that would combine well with mine (example Eric. Rachic? Erchel?). I needed a different approach so I decided to give up on the perfect name search and just wanted to live life as Rachel.

Fast forward a few months when one day my friend Bill (same dude who celebrated the house with me during my German lesson, see blog post 1) invited me to go out to dinner with our mutual friend Morgan.

(You see where this is going now)

Even though I have worked with Morgan for years, and knew him as a friend – I never actually spent much time outside of work with him! Long story short, he is awesome and I can’t see myself without him now!

Of course, once we established we were a thing, I realized I could totally have a combined name now! I texted my girlfriend Kylie, and of course Brosh, and we came up with some contenders. These included Morchel, Ragan, Rachan, and Mochel. We then settled on the name Morgel, because it sounded like a really cool dragon name.

Side note: Morgan totally had no idea what a combined name was, and he wasn’t part of the combined name decision making, but lucky me, he’s 100% cool with it. Yay!

So. Here we are – now we are known as ‘Morgel’, we have our dream house, and we are totes happy.

Here is Morgel in all their glory.


See you soon folks!


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