The Inspection.

I honestly had no idea what to expect when it came to someone else ‘inspecting’ my soon to be house. I knew they looked at stuff and gave you some tips and home advice. But that’s it.

A bunch of my friends who are well ahead of the home-buying process, and have been through inspections more than one time; pretty much all told me the same thing

It will be fine, as long as your roof isn’t falling off, or your foundation isn’t crumbling, your house will pass the inspection. — Everyone

My thoughts up until the inspections were ‘but what if the foundation IS crumbling?’ and ‘what if suddenly between the showing and the inspection something super major happened?!’

My brain:

We hired Pillar to Post (our real estate agent recommended them, thanks Connor!) for our home inspection, and we couldn’t have been happier! Totally recommend them. Jaime arrived 30 minutes early for the inspection (so did we, because it was another chance to see our house, haha) and went to it!

Jaime first went around the outside, then the garage, then the house top to bottom. He discovered a few minor things (keep an eye out so your driveway doesn’t form potholes!) but to my happiness, the roof wasn’t collapsing, the foundation was sturdy, and an asteroid didn’t destroy the house between showing and the inspection. Imagine that.

The few things that were ‘major’ but not really, was the heat (baseboard) wasn’t working in the master bedroom, there was slight water damage in the corner of the house, and we had NO IDEA how to turn on the heater in the garage.

Oh, and the radon test came back higher than what is deemed acceptable. After having a minor panic attack, it was explained to me that is wasn’t a huge deal, and it can be fixed. Phew!


Connor reached out to the seller’s agent, and they agreed to send an HVAC dude to the house to check on the master bedroom, the heater in the garage, and to have someone clean the gutters (which we suspected why there was suddenly water damage when it wasn’t there before). They also currently have three quotes for companies to install the radon mitigation system. Hooray!

In the end, everything worked out – heater in the garage works and they told us how to turn it on, baseboard in the master bedroom is in working order, gutters will be cleaned out, and now we aren’t going to be slowly infected with radon!




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