My huge, glorious, bathroom. That gives me anxiety.

In a few short scrolls I am going to give you a sneak peak of the largest bathrooms I have ever seen, and now have the joy of owning and cleaning!

This bathroom has a huge nice window, a sunken-in tub, two sinks, ample space for plants that will probably die 4 days after purchase, a stand-up shower, a vanity, access to our closets, a laundry chute, and a toilet. And a bidet.

I have never had so much anxiety over a room in my entire life though. I don’t even know how to correctly use a bidet. And to be honest, I didn’t know how to spell it either. I originally had “biday”. Thank goodness for those squiggly red lines that remind you that you aren’t very good at spelling. If you need a good chuckle, have someone try to seriously read you (out loud) the definition of a bidet.

This all sounds amazing, right? Well, I suppose it is because it’s just another reason why we love this house! But it needs a little updating.

One of the first projects we intend on doing is this.

‘But why?! Your description of it sounds amazing!”

I left out a few things:

  • The appliances are black (which is totally fine, will elaborate on this)
  • The shower is that weird frosted plastic door with the gold rim, and it’s not very updated. Also very cramped
  • The walls are just drywall (with a little bit of wallpaper still attached in places)
  • The countertops are black triangles
  • Kinda dark
  • The actual cabinetry is fake wood
  • Everything is carpeted

Now let me get this straight. As is, this bathroom is still very very functional (and still amazing), and I must stress that the ‘bad’ things about the bathroom, really aren’t that bad. I am super lucky even to have this bathroom. But I bought the house to make it my own, with the intention of updating A LOT – hence the blog.

Anyway, I am having so much anxiety because we don’t even know where to begin with this bathroom. We know we want to take the carpet out. After that? No idea.

For visuals, here is the only bathroom picture I have right now, and it’s only half.


Totally awesome right?! We are going to keep all the black appliances and leave plumbing where it’s at, but we really need to figure out what flooring is going in, and what to do with the walls. For me, it’s really really hard to match anything to black appliances (that’s why I had them in my ‘bad’ list, even though they are 100% sweet).

Wood floors? Vinyl wood floors? Tile? Half of each? Paint color? What are we doing with the cabinet doors? What the heck matches black? There isn’t much inspiration with Pinterest for “black sunken bathtub” so we are going to be taking a chance on this.

I am thinking tile around the tub, and maybe into the main floor area, and then vinyl wood. Like this. Maybe white tiles? The whole black, brown, white, green theme really gets me. I really like using this as inspiration. Found this on The Walking J.Crew blog


I really like the simple designs with lines. Can anyone help us out with some inspiration? Seems like I am on the boho-earth-plants everywhere mind track. This next picture from Gardening Know How speaks to me


So to summarize, we have no idea what to do in this bathroom. Please help us with some ideas and inspiration for our first major project in the House of Morgel!


  1. Black tub? – who’d have thunk it! Although it’s dark its technically a neutral colour so it shouldn’t be too hard to work with. I really like the inspo photos. To tie it all together you could add some black within the white tiles, like sporadically.

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