And now we wait.

Twas weeks before closing, and all through my mind

All I could think about was all that needs to be redesigned

The documents were all signed via online with care

In hopes that closing would soon be here

We were nestled and warm all snug in our beds

While visions of renovations danced in our heads.


Seriously though. Why do things like this take so long?

The bank literally knows EVERYTHING about me, including how much coffee I purchase on a daily basis, as well as my obsession with buying books. What else could they possibly be looking into.

As of right now, the sellers are out of the house, and it’s just sitting empty, just waiting for someone to clean inside it and mow the lawn! It’s probably super sad and lonely.


On a different note, the appraisal was done, and it was appraised at the same amount we offered – so that makes me feel great! I was worried that we offered too much I would have felt dumb, or if we offered too little, I would have felt like a scumbag. So this really is the best case scenario! Woohoo!

Alas, we are here waiting for everything to work itself out, I just need to be less antsy about it. If anything changes, I will update. But, for now September 5th is the official day of closing!

Until then, toodles!

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