Green Inspiration

Hey everyone!

Since we can’t go to our house until close and do anything yet, I have been researching** nonstop into house decor! There is a chance we could get into the house earlier, as the sellers are moving their things out! I told them not to rush though – since even though it would be totally awesome to be in the house earlier, I don’t NEED to be. I have my apartment until the end of October!

**Aimlessly scrolling through Instagram 

There is a complete trend when it comes to what I want to have in our home, and thankfully, Morgan LOVES plants, and green and earth things – so I have his complete trust when it comes to decorating! I also have a bunch of friends who are actually good at decorating, who have offered their help! Thanks friends – you guys are the real MVP’s here!

The below picture is my saved pictures from my Instagram account. You can see that I am really loving the whole bring nature inside and plants everywhere type of thing.


The problem is we have so much renovating, that this step will probably come last for about 80% of the house. Oh well, a girl can dream right?

The above inspiration came from a bunch of awesome people I follow on Instagram, and if you need any ideas – you should totally check them out. The accounts that I have included in my pictures are @lisafogt@zenbuddhamumma, @hanna_bohohome@redaframe@asformyhouse, @hellorefuge, @inhonorofdesign, and @planterina!

We plan on doing the renovating and updates room by room, with the exception of the upstairs, which kinda will be done at the same time? The upstairs bathroom (remember, the one that gives me anxiety from an earlier post) will be the first to get updated. This room will be FILLED with plants since it has enough counter space for 15 plates of cookies.

I found the below picture from @hanna_bohohome and absolutely loved the cactus background.

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 3.43.07 PM

My BFF @kyhenders (MVP whose actually good at decorating) suggested we could put it somewhere in the bathroom – super excited for this possibility.

That’s all for now guys, thanks for reading!


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