Fact or Fiction?

As we come nearer to closing time, I want to share a fun story with you guys! During the inspection, the sellers agent came to the house to say hi and introduce himself!

After introductions and telling him how we are soooo excited to be buying this house, he told us a little about the history of the house, as he heard it from (I am assuming) the sellers!

There isn’t any proof that these stories are indeed true, but at the same time, there is nothing proving that they are false too 🙂 You can decide for yourself!

After a quick search, found that picture here

The first story he was thrilled to tell us was when the house was first built. The basement is finished in the house, and there is a bookshelf built into the wall that IS ACTUALLY A SECRET DOOR that leads to a crawl space – and he mentioned this would be a place where people could hide, when let’s say, the police come.


Well, apparently this house was built and lived in by the head of a mafia! Now, this is cool, but I am also slightly scared that I am going to uncover a dead body or something when I go to garden, hahah.

I guess I have a really good hiding place if I ever need it.

This also explains Agatha, Beatrice, Cecil, and Dolores (names will change, these are pre-move in thoughts – if you guys have any suggestions, please let us know!).

These safes are legit and each door weighs a ton. They go back about 3 feet!

The next story was even cooler! Apparently when The house went up for sale before the now-owners-soon-to-be-alumni bought the house, CHER was looking into buying it!! She was dating someone or had someone close in Buffalo as the story goes – and she wanted to have a base close to them.

Photo cred:Vegas Magazine

Alas, she never bought the house, but since Cher looked at our house (and maybe stepped into it) she knows it exists and that’s freaking awesome! Maybe she even has flashbacks to the house. Maybe she will find this blog. Cher – if you are reading this, let us know if this story is true or not, and you are always invited to my house regardless if you debated buying it or not.

So, I am not really sure if either of these stories are true of not, but I like to think the House of Morgel has a pretty sweet history!  As long as I don’t find anything left over from a mafia king. Unless its rubies and gold bars.


PS: 9 more days.


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