Closing Day Eve

We just got back from our final walkthrough – and everything was perfect!

The grass needs to be cut pretty quickly, but the owners were nice enough to leave the riding mower behind. Speaking of the owners, I cannot wait to meet them.

They left us an adorable card, and told us to contact them at any time. This makes me so happy. I know they didn’t want to leave this house, but due to some issues they had to move into a home closer to their daughter.

Although I don’t think they have discovered this blog yet – I don’t want to say too much, but I will most definitely be inviting them over for dinner soon, and they are welcome to come over whenever. We are also working on a special gift for them too. But again – no more on that for the 0.00001% chance they actually see this blog!

While we were walking back up from the pond, I snapped this picture:


It might look like the same photos I have shared but in this moment i reflected how thankful we are to have the opportunity to make this home ours. The birds were chirping, the sun was warm and beautiful – it was a legit moment.

A few minutes later a couple deer walked by too, so I consider myself a Disney princess in training. We will see what other critters come up to the house.

The sellers also left some pretty cool stuff behind as well – more on that later though. 🙂

I am off to go lay in bed and aimlessly scroll through Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram because I won’t be able to sleep because I AM SO EXCITED.

See ya’ll tomorrow 🙂


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