If walls could talk.. They would buzz.

Hey guys!

OH man. We closed a few days ago and between the two of us:

  • 7 coffees
  • 11 car trips back and fourth
  • $90 in cleaning supplies
  • 2 gas tank refills
  • cobwebs that could probably cover half of the USA
  • a half ton of dead bugs

Plus so much more. It’s already been an awesome experience, and I am lucky to be able to be here for the few days after we closed to clean and kinda unpack but mostly find excuses to ‘take a break’ and sit on the back deck and listen to nature.

I have been cleaning non stop, and I wanted to share this hilarious (to some people) cleaning story I have with you guys.

Since the house has been vacant for a good part of a year, there are cobwebs EVERYWHERE. Many of our walls are stone (from fireplace front) and I honest to God stood there at the base of a stone wall for about 30 minutes vacuuming it. Every stone I touched I took a layer of ‘cobweb skin’ off of it. It was oddly therapeutic. Until my neck started hurting from looking straight up (I earned all those breaks!).

So anyways, because the house has been vacant, I pretty much need to vacuum everything. Including all the walls. What appears to be a smudge on the wall one minute, is really just dust and cobwebs and its sucked off into the cobweb tornado inside the vacuum cleaner the next. (Shout out to my BFF Kate for letting me use her super amazing vacuum). It was going well for the first two days.

The morning of the third day, I started off in the great room, dusting the window sills, vacuuming all the dead bugs that line the corners and crevices, etc, etc, all normal things. Once finished with those tasks, I started my way up by vacuuming (I am just going to throw it out here, I have spelled the word ‘vacuuming’ wrong every single time, I never learn. Thank you spell check) up the corner to conquer all the low hanging webs.

          (To all my spider loving friends, if I find one alive, I either let it be free, or if                 it’s within reach I re home it outside!)

Then suddenly I vacuumed a chunk of the wall off. WTF. It just sucked right off. No warning. And it that wasn’t surprising enough, I looked up and saw into the hole it left.


If you can’t see into my picture, displaying my awesome photography skills, IT’S A HORNETS NEST.

After taking my brain 6 seconds to comprehend this and having a minor panic attack, I realized it was already dead. I also realized the previous owners already discovered it once, and then patched it (you can see the outline of the patch job in the pic).

Now, I love insects of course I wanted to explore after my mini panic attack. We also needed to open up the wall anyway and get it out (fire hazard!) and evaluate the damage to the insulation. If this ever happens to you, I highly recommend not leaving it in the walls, but actually removing it.

So I started peeling



Not gunna lie, even though I was 100% sure this was dead, and nothing would be in there – I still had visions of a giant hornet who somehow survived, crawling out of the hole to seek revenge on the humans who killed his tribe. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

Of course I sent this to all my friends, who all freaked out. I think it’s cool though! I knew things like this would happen with ownership, so hey – at least we found out now right? As long as the nest doesn’t extend into the ENTIRE HOUSE (which it doesn’t, you can tell from the picture).. all we need to do is take it out and patch it up!

Also I now realized that picture makes it look HUGE. Here is a picture to scale for your viewing pleasure.


See? Not that bad! Once I clear it all, we evaluate the insulation damage, repair, and patch! 🙂 All part of the adventure!


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