Did you know lawnmowers could launch pine-cones several yards?

We are leaving for vacation in a few days, and we still haven’t mowed the lawn because we just haven’t had any time between moving in, unpacking, work, unpacking, naps, playing video games, reading, etc etc. So I decided to schedule a few hours in today for “riding around in really big circles on a really slow 4-wheeler”. That sounds so much cooler than mowing the lawn, right?

The back yard area where the lawn gets the most sun, near the pond, and in the front along the driveway were the worst spots. Not that I had any plan in action, I just knew those had to be done.

The previous owners of the house left us a pretty decent riding lawn mower (thank you so much, you guys are the real MVP’s here) and I figured learning how to ride one shouldn’t be that hard.

I told Morgan I was going to go do the lawn, and he asked if I needed any help. Clearly he doubted my skills when it came to riding lawnmowers. Which by the way I have no experience with. I told him if he didn’t hear the lawnmower start within 5 minutes, or if he heard me scream, to come help me.

Making my way into the garage from the house, I felt super confident in my lawn mower abilities!

But first, I noticed there was a rescue that needed to be done! A bird flew into our garage, and couldn’t find the 15×10 opening that was 20 feet away. I must have spooked her because she flew into a window and then fluttered down and landed on a random piece of lumber in the garage.

Channeling my inner Disney Princess, I went over and carefully picked her up to do a visual inspection on it. Her feet were covered in cobwebs, but overall she looked healthy, just a little stunned. I mean I would be too if I went head first into a window at 25 MPH. As a zoologist, you would think I would know the type of bird it is, but I don’t – (thanks college). Maybe one of my 15 followers (please follow me if you haven’t yet) can identify it.

I cleaned her up, and opened my hand for her departure. She thanked me by promptly standing in my hand, and then taking a dump. Thanks unknown species of bird! She hung out for a few minutes, and then I put her on a near by branch. A few minutes later she flew away! I saved the day!



I probably should have made this Operation Rescue Bird into another blog post but oh well.

So after that excitement happened I jumped onto the lawn mower like I knew what I was doing and turned the key! Nothing happened. By this point, my 5 minutes of grace period was over so Morgan had come down. He pointed out I needed to use the choke. Duhhh I was totally going to do that.

Once Morgan pointed out everything to me (which I already knew of course…..) I was ready to be on my way! I did a 17 point turn in the garage and went out to explore my yard and chop some grass in half! I got about 14 feet and I was feeling on top of the world, I set up and put the deck down and BAM, lawnmower turned off.

Look how happy the lawnmower is in it’s native habitat

After some research and finally admitting I know nothing about riding lawnmowers (surprise! Morgan already suspected) – Morgan assumed that I didn’t have the throttle up high enough, so when I put the deck down the lawnmower was like “oh hell no” and died. I quickly jumped back on, made some adjustments and I was back on top of the world!

It took about 3 hours to do the entire lawn but I learned some things along the way

1) No matter how many times I tell myself to remember not to go a certain way because there are prickly vines, I go that way anyway.

  • ouch.

2) Riding lawnmowers will throw you off if you go on too much of an angle when riding along a hill.

  • I know you are supposed to go up or down a hill, but I am a rebel. But I learned! Thankfully the mower didn’t flip, and I just needed to straighten it out to be on its way.

3) It’s really scary going downhill towards a pond. I said to myself *at least* 6 times that “well, this is the time I tip into the pond. How embarrassing”

  • Luckily this never happened

4) It’s really fun going downhill when there isn’t a pond at the bottom

  • “Wheeeeeeee!”

5) When you run over pine-cones, they will launch several yards going 50 MPH.

  • Get out of my way.

All in all I did pretty well. I missed some spots, but who cares, I will only stare at those spots for 3 hours a day until one of us mows the lawn again. I did get stuck in between two trees though (haha) – The deck was a littttle too wide and I misjudged. Morgan came to the rescue (you rock babe!). We should have gotten a pic, cause it was pretty funny.

Thanks for reading!












  1. Ah yes, riding lawn mowers. Used to do my parent’s acres when my dad was too old to do it. Around and around, used to make patterns just to relieve the monotony, and going under the apple trees was a treat. When i moved in with barry i mowed the acres by hand, good exercise. Then he bought a rider, so i hopped on, headed toward the pond, couldn’t find the brake, scared to bejeepers out of myself and went back to the push mower. Have fun you two

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes pine cones can fly. I broke a back porch window. Will become a labor of love in no time. Enjoy everything in being a Home owner. Love and hugs to the both of you!!!!🐞🐞

    Liked by 1 person

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