PaRtY iN tHe sAfE… I mean house.

Before we do any major renovations, we agreed that we needed to have a “Pre-renovation House Warming Party!”

So we did just that. We invited a bunch of our friends over and ate a lot of food, cracked open a ton of drinks, laughed a lot, and hung out in our safes.


You read right.

Remember the mafia safes in our basement (we still need names for B and D. A is Aristotle, and C is Cecil)?


We discovered that along with all the cobwebs that were hanging out in there, we could also fit some humans.

Top to bottom: Adam, Bridget, Morgan, Rachel 

Pretty Rad right? Not like we would ever use them for bodies, but just in case we needed to hide from aliens and their laser eyes – we know where to go.

We also played a ton of Euchre and video games, arm wrestled, and hung out outside before it started storming.

We are super appreciative for everyone who came to our party, and for those who couldn’t make it – we will have a round two, don’t you worry.

A super special shout out to our good friends Alisa and Henry who came the night before to help us unpack, move furniture, clean, and prepare food! We couldn’t have done it without you guys. We have 6 pounds of cheese waiting for you.

Now that we are *mostly* moved in and unpacked, time to get going on all our updates and renovations.

See you soon!



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